Frequently Asked Questions Online Coaching

Q: How do you track your client’s progress?

I'm here to provide support and educational tools to help you along your fitness journey. My clients are encouraged to check in with me weekly in person I am their one-on-one person trainer or via email with progress photos & weight at info@swatwithswann.com



Q: How often do you send updates?

This varies based on the client's unique program.

It usually takes 2 business days to update a plan and get it to the client. Sometimes it’s sent out sooner, but never later than 2 business days.


Q: How often can I contact you if I have questions?

I am available to all of my clients for daily communication through email. Of course there are times in which I cannot answer immediately, however all questions are answered within 24 hours during business days. I can also schedule a time to speak with you if necessary within 24 hours.


Q: What happens if I need to step away from training for a while?

Please note that THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

If you have to put your account on hold because of an emergency, then we can definitely do that for up to 30 days. You may request additional time in the event that you are unable to continue after 30 days, but it must be cleared with me first.

I cannot hold a space for a client longer than 60 days, and your ability to come back is based on a first come first served basis

Your training program is designed with your schedule and availability in mind. Also your level of training, and unique fitness goals are the main priority when it comes to exercise selection and the other variables that make an effective program.

Fitness doesn’t have to be grueling or painful to be effective.

I do ask that you submit updates to me via email on a weekly basis. (No text messages)

In return you’ll get from me an updated plan set to keep you on track with your goals.

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Any Additional Questions Email Me Here: info.sweatwithswann@gmail.com