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10 Steps To Becoming Unstoppable

Be prepared

Always be prepared so you have the freedom to act on instinct. While everyone else is relaxing, practice and perfect your craft.

Never be satisfied

Even after you achieve a goal, don’t just be not content. It’s not just about the goal, it’s also about how far you can push yourself.

Don't be afraid of failure

Most people stay where it’s safe. Instead of that, take risks. If something goes wrong, if you fail, you learn, you adjust and you keep going.

Never stop learning

When you want to become the best at what you do, you never ever stop learning! You never stop improving your skills and knowledge. Be curious. Never stop wanted to learn more than what can serve you.

Own it when you screw up

Admit mistakes and take ownership when you mess up. No blame. No deception. Just accept the truth. And as the leader, own it when your team fails.

Try things out of your comfort zone

There is no better way to grow and boost self-confident. It’s usually not as bad as we expect.

Surround yourself with people who remind you of the future, not the past

Surrounding yourself with people who you want to be like allows you to stay motivated, inspired, and optimistic.

Never be envious of someone else's accomplishment

Being unstoppable means you genuinely want what’s best for everyone, even those you would consider your competitors. Jealousy and envy usually appears out of fear.

The reason you are happy for other people’s success is because their success has nothing to do with you. You are in control of you. And you are different from every other person. There is no one who can do exactly what you can do.

Set bigger goals

You need to set goals beyond what you are capable of. Disregard where your abilities end. If you think you’re unable to work for the best company in you field, make that your business to get there. Nothing is impossible. Being unstoppable means your goals challenge you to be someone more than you currently are. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Make time to relax

Work is like fitness. If you never take a break between sets, you won’t be able to build strength, stamina and endurance. Here are some things that rejuvenate me. Binge-watching tv shows, listening to music, writing and drawing, taking a long bath and doing beauty treatments, spending time with friends, cooking and eat delicious food… These things make my work possible.