• THE DIVE by Swann Cardot

2018, My Best Year Yet!

It is my best year yet because I started my journey towards true self-happiness. I will not talk about my lows because at this moment I am at my all time high and I can care less what and who tried to break me down. You guy already know I’m not here to whine. This year I realized that I had given up on myself for a life that did not include personal growth and personal fulfillment. I had given up on who I am, a woman who is full of life, extremely passionate, driven, curious and adventurous. I had also given up on having a voice, my own friends, hobbies, and interests just to list a few. So I took control of my own life because I had the burning NEED (not just the desire) to wake up every morning excited and happy. But most importantly living in a positive and uplifting environment. I rebuilt my own life and I couldn’t be happier for all the amazing things that have come my way since. I truly feel today that I have the best of everything even it’s still just the beginning. Strong friendships, real friends who I love dearly and old friends who are now back into my life. New sponsors. Shredz Supplements who I am very proud to work with and who has been supported me like no one else ever did. I picked up my fitness career after stepping away to grow Swann Beauty. I am now able to manage both and more. I moved and bought a new house. I built a fresh new social media page and being able to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle but also enjoy life the fullest has been so rewarding and motivating for me. I also launched a new fitness website and my first youtube channel to create fun vlogs and blogs for you all. Today, I work with people I love, I spend time with people I love, and I do everything that I love. Now look out 2019 and every year after that! Here is my wish for you. Do what you are meant to do. Empower and love yourself. Live your best life.

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