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Boost Your Motivation During The Holidays

The holidays are around the corner; you are looking for presents for everyone, trying to keep up with your busy work schedule and at the same time still going to exercise a few times week. It is the same procedure as every year. Everyone is looking forward to a few days off for Christmas, but everything that leads up to that isn't so fun. So I made a simple list to help keep your motivation up.

Acknowledge your achievements

It’s time to acknowledge what you have achieved this year. Lots of people get caught up with making resolutions instead of being aware and proud of what they have achieved. Don’t stress yourself before the New Year has even started.

Be generous

The holidays are also the ideal occasion to be generous toward your family, colleagues, team mates and even total strangers. I’m not talking about money or presents. I’m looking at the simple things like giving compliments, your time, a nicely written card to say thank you for what you’ve experienced together over the past year. "Giving is much more rewarding than receiving"

Get moving

Are you in the habit of sitting around during the holidays waiting for the next meal to be served? It's totally exhausting and can make us moody, sloppy and less motivated. If this is you, this year try to get your butt up to go for a run in the cold or push my family to go on a walk together instead of sitting around. The fresh air will definitely improve your mood and burn some of the extra calories.

Shut out negativity

Looking around I sometimes feel that the holidays have become pure stress for most and a delight for only a few. This is an advice for life, not just around the holidays. Let go of any pressure and worries. Shut out any negative thoughts. Enjoy the moment. Write down or speak out the things you are grateful for. Positivity is only a matter of mindset.

Find some peace Try to find quiet moments for yourself, doing what relaxes you and focus on the positive. Don’t skip your gym classes, or morning run, because these moments will clear your head and boost your motivation through the holidays and starting the new year strong won't feel as difficult.

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