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Get a Flat Stomach

Achieving a flat stomach goes far beyond the gym! No matter how often I train abdominals or how lean I can get, I personally MUST to stay on top of my gut health in order to keep a tight mid-section. I’ve talked a lot about the importance of taking probiotics daily. There’s also plenty of probiotic foods to choose from that can improve your gut bacteria such as Sauerkraut. Not super delicious but it works!

Junk food, soda, beer and chewing gum can cause stomach bloat. You may want reduce those. Some spices can really improve your digestion. My favorites are ginger, cilantro and turmeric. Adding those in your cooking is an easy way to improve your digestion and get a flatter stomach. Stomach Vacuum is a simple breathing exercise which targets your internal abdominal muscles. This is something you can easily perform for a few minutes everyday while in bed. And it’s quite relaxing.

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