• THE DIVE by Swann Cardot

Hints For Life

I’ve come to appreciate life so much more by allowing myself to feel what I feel and most importantly what feels really good. Taking my life into my own hands is a very powerful feeling. Believing that I am perfectly capable of finding solutions to answer all questions and building a serene and fulfilling future for myself gives me strength and confidence because I have no other choice but to rely on myself to do the work and succeed. Sharing time and conversations with people who are passionate, curious, driven in more than one aspect of life. Not people who talk about people but those who are leveled up. Remember, we are as good as the people we surround ourselves with so be brave enough to let go of those who keep weighing you down. I’ve noticed how much more positive and motivated I’ve been surrounded by amazingly uplifting individuals. Being appreciated and loved for all that I am. There is nothing more destructive than feeling judged and restricted from being yourself. I’ve become who I am because of all I’ve experienced in my past. Today, I am so in love with the feeling of being free, entirely open to the world and totally unbothered.

Doing things out of the blue and allowing the unexpected to happen. I used to think that planning everything would make life easier and better. Ok, maybe being a fitness competitor for many years and having to follow a structured lifestyle had to do with it. Nowadays, other than the tasks I set for myself for business purposes only, I refuse to plan. I just go with the flow and never hold any expectations. And somehow I get happily surprised almost everyday. - When you feel as grateful as I feel, the desire to give, support and make others happy is one of the greatest joy. Be someone’s reason to smile. - So if you want your heart to sing like mine you are going to have to make happiness in your daily life your main goal, and take advantage of all the good things that life has to offer. #thedive #blog #swanndaily