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How To Handle Cravings

Unlike what the a common myth says that people crave foods with nutrients that they need, cravings have nothing to do with wanting specifics nutrient. The human body is smart, but not that smart. Otherwise we would crave nutritious foods like spinach. I often say one thing: “your favorite food will always be available”. All of a sudden it’s not as exciting and our “valid” reason for having that food right now goes out of the window. Doesn’t it? Do not think about what you are not allowed to eat, it will only make you think and obsess about it more. Instead of thinking “I can’t eat bread anymore” think of it as “I can eat bread but I’m choosing not to in order to be healthier, to have more energy, to lose weight and feel more confident, to be sick less often, etc. While you can’t simply tell your brain to stop thinking about a food, you can get it to think about other things. Distract yourself! Cinnamon spice taken with food or 200mg of chromium before meals stabilizes blood sugar and can curb carb/sugar cravings. I used those during prep. Eat a lot of vegetables throughout the day, it will help you feel full faster. That is for me what helps me the most! If I’m going out for the night, I’ll have bowl of veggies before I leave my house. It prevents me from over-eating at a restaurant. Drink a lot of water. Just like you, when I’m up late I could easily get tempted to snack. Instead of that I drink a few cups of tea. It really does the trick.

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