• THE DIVE by Swann Cardot

All I Want For Christmas!

I want more positivity and respect on social media. I think that people who criticize others are unaware of how much negativity they themselves are experimenting. Truly happy people don’t have the need to bring others down. This year, I’ve noticed a very unhealthy and ugly side of social media. Too many use those platforms to whine, trash talk, hate and judge others. I think it’s wrong and not the energy anyone with a good heart should put out there. So I wish to see more love and support from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, from woman to woman, from human to human on social media but also in life. I want to to learn how to be the most efficient I can be in life and in business. There is something about executing that excites me. My best days are the ones I execute and accomplish “a million” things. I want to do more and be better at everything I set myself to do efficiently. I want smaller calves so I can fit in all the jeans, boots, and overall feel more feminine and elegant. I’ve wished for this for probably 20+ years SMH… On a serious note, I want to keep losing size. I have mastered the all the tricks & tools to do so but I still need more time before I lose another 5-8lb pounds of muscles (I’m really just guessing this number). So I guess what I’d need to ask for Christmas is more patience.

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