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Resolutions Suck

You can’t wake up January 1st and expect to overcome bad habits you’ve spent years establishing as if some self promise will magically transform your life. Real change involves sacrifices and discomfort. It’s work. Have a plan and make it realistic. Otherwise, resolutions are empty promises. Rather than pick one sore spot of your life and stress yourself out because you wish for it to change overnight, why not decide to be a better person all year and focus on making smart decisions daily. If you simply ask yourself how you can treat yourself and your loved ones better, you will start to create a better set of habits for yourself. That is how you achieve goals that actually last. I myself have things I’d want to improve immediately but I’m looking at the bigger picture. Where I want to be in a year from now.

I want to be popping champagne in 2020 saying to myself “I did it”.

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