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Starting Over

Nobody likes starting over. But sometimes life forces you to, whether you want to or not. And sometimes, you jut have to go for it for your own happiness and risk to lose everything for better! You often hear me say “One life to live!”

There are people who love the thrill of a new venture. Others, just can never pursuit something long enough or can never find where they feel most happy.

But for most people, starting over again is hard. If you’ve spent any time building anything, you know that it is not an easy feeling to begin again. This is why so many people stay in jobs they hate or stay in relationships that don’t make them happy. It’s easier that way.

But there’s something beautiful about starting over, something liberating about beginning again. When you start something new, you’re not really beginning completely fresh. Your past experiences, failures, and successes have all taught you something. More than you realize. And knowing what you know now means you aren’t starting over. You’re just beginning again.

I’d like to encourage you consider a fresh start and take a chance in something that you want badly, no matter how scary it may feel.

Here is why:

- Make room for what feels good. You deserve it.

- Everything happens for you, at the right moment. So you can either regret or be happy.

- Take a chance. Fears are usually much bugger in your mind than they are in reality.

- Realize that nothing is ever wrong.

- You might just end up living your best life, finally! (like me!)

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