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Tips For Working From Home

Many people work from home nowadays, but if you’re not used to this, you can feel off.

I used to work at a gym as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a flexible schedule, then owned a sports nutrition store where I worked 10am-8pm everyday.

A few years ago, I shifted to being a in-home trainer and fitness influencer, and have been working from home since. I love it and am very grateful for it. I always say that it is a luxury to be able to make a living working from home. But I have to be my own “tough” boss. I always have to make sure I am my most productive self.

If you’re struggling with working from home, these are my tips to make the process smooth and simple.

Set a schedule

Make yourself a weekly schedule and stick to it! On mine I include my workout, emails, phone calls, errands, dog walks, cleaning, cooking, moment of relaxation… whatever YOU want on it. Keeping tabs of all of your tasks along with breaks for your personal time is key. Set up a time for you to take a lunch break every day and for some mental breaks! Whatever you do, try your best to not get off schedule. Also, make sure to schedule a start and end time for work.

Create a workspace

First things first, get your “office” space in order. I know that not everyone has a dedicated workspace in their home or even a desk so you have to work with what you’ve got. For example, if you know that you’re going to be working from your dining table every day, make the space the most productive as you can. Get rid of any clutter surrounding your space, and keep your laptop, charger, and notepad in place. Treat it like an actual office and make it as comfortable as you can for you and your needs. Do not work from bed or your couch!

Get dressed

Once you’re up, get dressed, add some makeup and fix your hair as you would for a normal workday. I’m not saying you have to throw on jeans, a blazer and a full glam but definitely make the effort to get out of your pajamas. As cozy as your home may be, not being in normal clothes can make you feel sluggish and messy with your productivity.

Stay hydrated

We tend to forget how important this is. Staying hydrated will boost your productivity. Feeling dehydrated leads to feeling fatigued and that’s the last thing you need. Keep a gallon of water by your side to drink throughout the day. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Take short breaks

As I mentioned before, take some time for you to take breaks. Keep your mind and body at peace by taking a 5 minute breaks and stepping away from your work. I had started getting severe migraines having my eyes glued to my computer screen. Getting up from my desk, shaking my legs, refreshing my face, making myself a cup of tea or coffee, checking on the flowers in font of my house, playing with my dog for a few minutes here and there have helped me work better and longer.

Stay in touch

When not being in contact with others every day and not receiving the motivation and inspiration that you would if you were in a busy environment and continuously meeting new people, can be tough. Your passion needs to be fed with new ideas, and excitements. Make sure to spend some time on social media platforms, communicate with others and stay inspired!

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