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Weight loss - 5 Strict Rules You Shouldn't Follow

Losing weight is hard enough without having to follow a bunch of strict rules.

When you're ready to lose some weight and get in shape, you might look to an elimination diet, juice cleanses…please don’t! And 24 hours after starting whatever adventure you chose, you probably realize that was a big mistake. Change is hard, which is why it's best to start small and gradually incorporate more changes as you adjust to the previous ones.

Even when you find a weight loss plan that you can actually see yourself sticking with, it's easy to get off track, especially in the beginning.

Here are some common mistakes when starting a new diet:


When dieting, many people think the less food you can eat, the better. Skip meals because they’re too busy. My answer? Find the time. Wake up earlier, plan ahead, prep your meals, order your meals online, bring workout clothes to work. Do whatever it takes to keep your commitment to yourself and your health.


Planning cheat days as a way to stay motivated while on a strict diet is common, but entire cheat days can be a trigger to get off track or stay off track. I recommend a treat meal instead of a cheat day. It’s much easier to re-establish healthy eating habits after one meal versus an entire day of indulgent eating.


Thinking short-term drastic cleanse diets are a huge mistake. You’ll most likely regain the weight and more rapidly after ending your cleanse, and fasting for too long can slow down metabolism, making it difficult to keep the weight off. And who can stay same while doing that?! Don’t fall for the trendy diet fix or cleanse. Instead, stick to a diet that’s rich in lean protein, vegetables, whole grains and healthy unsaturated fats. Drink plenty of water and cut back on alcohol and soda, and let your liver and kidneys do the cleansing on it’s own.


Many people think, as long as I eat “clean” or organic, the calories don’t count. You can easily overdo healthy foods. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are all great sources of vitamins, minerals but too many may equal too many pounds. I recommends measuring out portions every time until you can eyeball the appropriate amount.


One of the biggest mistakes is to measure success only by the numbers on the scale. Not everyone drops pounds quickly, and success comes in many forms. Cutting portions, not snacking throughout the day, learning to say ‘no, thank you’ without feeling deprived, learning to say, ‘yes, thank you’ without guilt. Remember that...

Positive self-talk, patience and consistency is what you should focus on during this journey of a lifetime.

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