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What Living With No Regrets Means To Me

My life changed the day I realized I never wanted to live with regrets.

Here are some of the things I find so important for my own happiness.

•Going with the flow and not being afraid of change.

•Finding the humor in life and laughing like there is no tomorrow.

•Spending time with people who make me happy.

•Never giving up when things get difficult.

•Doing random things out of kindness whenever I get the chance.

•Being thankful for what I have now instead of thinking about what I don’t.

•Wishing well to everyone.

•Being adventurous, trying new things and taking more risks.

•Believing that complaining, worrying, being impatient, sad or angry is just a waste of energy.

•Loving what I do for a living.

•Making my health a top priority and always taking care of myself so I’m ready to take care of others.

•Knowing that happiness is bigger than any bank account.

•Fully enjoying the present moment.

•Doing the things that I love to do as much as I can.

•Having more curiosity and being more creative.

•Never judging anyone.

•Sharing my happiness and love and expressing my feelings.

•Never trying time change anyone I care for but loving them the way they are.

•Controlling negative thoughts.

•Being honest with myself and others by saying what I mean and meaning what I say.

•Getting better at the things that I think I’m not good at.

•Realizing that it’s okay to make mistakes but making sure I learn from them and move on.

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