• THE DIVE by Swann Cardot

You'll Never Be Ready

You look at all of the people who are doing what you wish you could and it makes you want to give up because you think you'll never get there. It's hard to overcome the fear of failure, but you need to know that everyone started at the bottom. Those successful people you admire were once in your position, scared to get started and to make a change in their life. Starting something back at the bottom is scary, but it’s also very exciting and refreshing in some ways. True me! Eventually, you have to stop preparing and overthinking and just go for it. You may have had the desire and this idea in your mind for quite a some time. You may have done research, looked into others who are where you aim to be, and thought about what life would be like if you were fulfilling your dreams, or making that change in your life.... Chasing your dreams is amazing, I encourage anyone to do it! And yes, it's hard sometimes but if you put in the effort, if are willing to put yourself out there and do whatever it takes, it will pay off! You’ve heard the saying “Take a risk or lose the chance”. Taking the risk, even if you don’t succeed is always worth it. You will learn and grow, even if your business or whatever you aim to do doesn't. You will get to really know who you are, you will learn to take charge of your own life, you will learn to let go of what others think and just focus on what you want from life, you will learn to set daily tasks and follow them. It will make you stronger, richer and give hope to others. Don’t wait until you’re “ready”.

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